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Serving the Vietnamese community - because you matter

From the beginning, Vietnam Wellbeing has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community members. We are a growing Wellbeing Community focused on providing personal development and community offers combined with heart and passion to our Vietnamese families and friends.

Our mission is to empower, connect, and inspire our Vietnamese fellows by making conversations around our mental, emotional, and spiritual health part of Vietnamese life.

Coaching conversations with our Vietnamese community include:

  • Identity - What does it mean to me to be Vietnamese? How can I make the best of my Vietnamese heritage?

  • Generations - How can I support my parents while living my life? How can I best communicate with my family?

  • Work - How can I do what I love, that my family may not understand? What if it is not only about money, status?

  • Money - What is my relationship with money? Have I adopted unconscious beliefs from my family?

  • Relationships - How can I resolve conflicts with my family? What are the love languages in my relationships?

  • Body - How do I deal with Asian perceptions and judgments of my body? How do I define my own ideal?

  • Purpose - What fulfils me? How do I pursue my dreams and express myself even if not typically Vietnamese?

  • Mindset - How can I master, calm, and benefit from my mind? What are the beliefs that hold me back?

  • Society - What is my contribution to the Vietnamese future? What Vietnamese values are important for me? 

To get a sense of who we really are, join our weekly community events. Post a question, answer, or engage with your fellow community members. Want to learn more how we can support you? Get in touch today.

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Get to Know Us

IMG_9458 (1).jpg


Founder | Coach | Community Host


Based in London, UK

Qualified Life Coach

Background in Business & Finance

Motto: "Life is here, for living now!"

Fun Fact: Loves Paris by Night :-)

Instagram: @linhvle

LinkedIn: Viet Linh Le

Website: www.vietlinhle.com

Kim Chi

Social Media | Community Coordinator


Based in Koblenz, GER

Trainee in Investment & Consulting

Background in SME Management

Motto: "KISS = Keep it short & simple"

Fun Fact: Met a water ox as a kid :-)

Instagram: @_kimchi_le_

LinkedIn: Kim Chi Le


Marketing | Communications


Based in Frankfurt, GER

Marketing Specialist in Finance

Background in Advertising & Marketing

Motto: "Whatever you do, do it well!"

Fun Fact: Loves Vietnamese street food :-)

Instagram: @xuan.vud

LinkedIn: Xuan Vu

Image by Alex Azabache

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